Final Product: Ombré + Spiral Tie-Dye (Artistic Intention)

For my final product, I decided to use the primary colours that I mostly used for my samples – red and blue. This is because it reflects my identity as the first thing people about me is the colour blue or red. As an evidence, I have asked 3 people who meet me frequently:

I like the colour blue and red because it represents what sort of person I am and when it is mixed, it becomes my favourite colour, in general. The colour red is the colour of blood and fire, and it is associated with the meaning of love, passion, and in contrast, anger. Whereas, blue, is the colour of the sky and ocean, and it is associated with the meaning of freedom and inspiration. When the calm stability of blue and fierce energy of red is combined, the colour purple appears, associating with peace and power.

I decided to combine two of my favourite techniques in one piece to bring up an ombré spiral effect. Firstly, I did a purple ombré fading into white. This represents my neutral mood which is peaceful. Then, I added a pink spiral. The pink spiral represents my mood when I feel love, passion or in contrast when I am angry. In my life, no matter how angry I am, I have not reached the point where I start yelling on from the top of my lungs. This is because I am a very chilled person and get away with things easily. Pink is a mixture of red and white which represents my anger as it has not reached to its boiling point.


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